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Enjoy your meal


Dry sausage  €3,0
Cheese abbey Watou Veggie  €7,0
Heuvelland pâté  €8,0
Appetizer shelf  €18,0
Small appetizer shelf  €13,0
Portion of bread  €2.5
Croque Broque  €8,0
Chicken wings (8pcs)  €9,0
Warm frying snacks  €9,0
Calamari  €10,0
Portion of olives Veggie  €5,0


If only a starter and no main course: supplement € 5.0

Soup of the week  €6.0
Beef carpaccio  €13.5
Smoked salmon with toast  €13.0
Scampis in garlic (6 pieces)  €13.5
Shrimp croquettes (2 pieces)  €13.5
Cheese croquettes (2 pieces) Veggie  €11.0

Main Course

Fish dishes

Garlic scampis with fries  €22.0
Homemade fish stew au gratin with fries  €22.0
Baked salmon with fresh béarnaise  €22.0
Smoked salmon with toast, salad and fries  €21.0


Shrimp croquettes (2 - 3), salad and fries  €18.0 - €21.0
Cheese croquettes (2 - 3), salad and fries Veggie  €16.0 - €18.0

Meat dishes

Beef carpaccio with fries € 22.0
Ham with mustard sauce and fries € 20.0
Homemade vol au vent with fries € 18.0
Pork cheeks with fries € 20.0
Beef tongue in Madeira with croquettes € 21.0
Hellegat burger with fries and salad € 19.5
Vegetarian burger with fries and lettuce Veggie € 19.5
Flemish Rib eye 'Witblauw' with fries and sauce * € 26.0 Chateaubriand with fries and sauce * € 24.0

* Choice of pepper cream sauce, mushroom cream sauce, fresh béarnaise or garlic butter

Baking methods
Blue: warm and raw
Saignant: Bleeding and red core
A point: Well baked / rosé
Bien cuit: Well done

Meal Salads

Salad of the house (smoked salmon, scampi, shrimpcroquette)  €23,0
Salad warm goat cheese Veggie  €19,0
Caesar salad (chicken, crouton and parmesan)  €18,5
Trio of croquettes (shrimp, cheese and ham)  €19,0

fries  €3,00


Spaghetti bolognaise (au gratin)  €13,0
Penne 4 cheeses  €15,0


Only kids under 12 years
Spaghetti bolognaise  €8,0
Frikandel fries (1 – 2)  €8,0 - €10,0
Kidsburger fries  €12,5
Vol au vent fries  €11,5
Shrimp croquettes fries (1 – 2)  €11,5 – €14,5
Cheese croquettes fries (1 – 2)  €9,5 – €12,5
Childrens plate with cutlery  €2,5


Stuffed oven pistolet

Sauce bolognaise  €13,0
Vol-au-vent  €15,0
Beef tongue  €17,0
Portion vegetables + €2,5
Portie fries+ €3,0

Croques (oven pistolet)

Croque-monsieur vegetables  €12,0
Croque Boum Boum vegetables  €13,5
Croque ‘t Hellegat (Brie) vegetables  €14,0

Oven pistolets with vegetables (cold) 

Cheese Abbaye Watou  Veggie  €11,0
Brie Veggie  €11,0
Ham  €11,0
Dry sausage  €11,0
Heuvellandse paté  €11,0
Rillettes  €11,0
Potjesvleesch  €11,0


Ice cream

Coupe vanille  €6,0
Dame blanche  €7,0
Dame Noire  €7,0
Coupe brésilienne  €7,0
Coupe advocaat  €8,0
Café Glacé  €7,0
childrens ice cream (cornet vanille or chocolate)  €3,5


Brussels waffel sugar  €4,5
Brussels waffel whipped cream  €5,5
Brussels waffel with hot chocolate and ice cream  €7,0
Liège sugarwaffle with hot chocolate  €5,0

Supplement whipped cream  €1,0


Red fruits with mascarpone and cookie crumble  €6,5
Profiterol (vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream)  €7.0
Trio sorbet (blood orange, raspberry and lime)  €8.0
Coupe colonel (lime sorbet with vodka  €7.0
Chocolate mousse  €6.0
Crème Brûlée  €6.0
Moelleux au chocolat (vanilla ice cream and whipped cream)  €7.0
Warm apple pie with ice cream & whipped cream  €7.0


Beers in all flavors and styles, from fruity to spicy, from sweet to sour or bitter, from soft to sharp, that is what you will find on our beer menu. Proud of our region and West Flemish roots, the menu consists mainly beers from West Flanders and our region, supplemented with some toppers from other provinces.
This card was compiled with the help of beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem.

Draft beers

Hommel (Leroy Breweries – Boezinge) 7,5% 33cl  €4,0
Sint-Bernardus Tripel (Br. St.-Bernardus – Watou) 8% 33cl  €4,0
Sint-Bernardus Prior 8 (Br. St.-Bernardus – Watou) 8% 33cl  €4,0
Ask for our changing tap!

Bottles to share

Keikoppenbier – hoppy blond (Br. De Plukker – Poperinge) 6,1% 75cl  €10.5
3 Monts Tripel - tripel (Br. De Saint Sylvestre – St. Sylvestre) 8,5% 75cl  €8,0
Cuvée De Ranke – woodaged (Br. De Ranke – Dottigny) 7% 75cl  €14,0

Taste the region

De Plukker Tripel – hoppy tripel (Br. De Plukker – Poperinge) 7,5% 33cl  €4,0
3 Monts Tripel - tripel (Br. De Saint Sylvestre – St. Sylvestre) 8,5% 33cl  €3,7
Sir Grasshopper - IPA (Br. Deca - Woesten/Vleteren) 6,5% 33cl  €4,4
Antiek Blond (Br. Deca - Woesten/Vleteren)  €3,5
Kapittel Tripel – firm tripel (Leroy Breweries – Boezinge) 10% 33cl  €3,5
Vleteren Alt Bruin (Br. Deca - Woesten/Vleteren) 8% 33cl  €3,5

Bottled lagers

Thirst-quenching and refreshing, that's what a lager is all about. Stella is an absolute classic that was once launched as a Christmas beer, hence the name Stella or "star".

Stella Artois (AB Inbev - Leuven) 5.2% 25cl  €2.2
Antiek Super 5 (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 5% 33cl  €2.5

Belgian White beers

Soft and at the same time fresh thanks to the wheat with which these beers are brewed. The herbs coriander and curaçao (dried orange peel) make it complete. Especially in the nose you notice the citrus accent and the spicy notes.

Antiek Wit (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 4.5% 33cl  €3.0
Vlaskop (Br. Strubbe - Ichtegem) 5.5% 25cl  €2.5

Fruit beers

These Belgian fruit beers are recommended for the sweet tooth. The basic beer can be very different, from old brown to white beer or dark. Their explosively fruity flavor is always created by adding juices, aromas or even liqueur. A kriek is traditionally a wood-ripened sour beer on which real cherries mature. Only the name "old kriek" was protected by Europe, and must consist of 100% wood-aged lambics.

Framboise (Br. Lindemans - Vlezenbeek) 2.5% 25cl  € 3.0
Peche (Br. Lindemans - Vlezenbeek) 2.5% 25cl  € 3.0
Kriek Max (Br. Omer Vanderghinste - Bellegem) 3.5% 25cl  € 3,0
Oude Kriek Boon (Br. Boon - Lembeek) 6.5% 37.5cl  € 8.0
Cuvée Soeur’ise (Bro. De Leite - Ruddervoorde) 8.5% 33cl  € 6.8


Gueuze is the champagne of beers. The lambics stay in the oak barrels for no less than 3 years. They are then blended with lambics that are at least 1 year old, followed by a further months of aging in the bottle. Sparkling and refined acidity with aromas of green apple, lemon, grapes and wood, these are real pearls.

Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait (Br. Boon - Lembeek) 8% 37.5cl  € 8.0
Oude Geuze 3 Fonteinen (Br. 3 Fonteinen - Beersel) 6% 37.5cl  € 13.0
St. Louis Geuze Fond Tradition (Bro. V. Honsebrouck - Izegem) 5% 37.5cl  € 4.0

Non-alcohol beers

Alcohol-free does not necessarily equate to tasteless. The Jupiler 0.0% underwent a complete fermentation before the alcohol was removed, which gives the beer more body. If you are rather a fan of light caramel flavors with a honey-like tenderness, then Palm 0.0% is recommended.

Bière des Amis 0.0% (AB Inbev - Br. Piedboeuf - Jupille) 0% 33cl € 5.5
Ramon (Br. Roman - Oudenaarde) 0.3% 33cl € 3.2
Palm 0.0% (Br. Palm - Steenhuffel) 0% 25cl € 2.5
Brugse Zot - Sportzot (Bro. De halve maan - Bruges) 0.4% 33cl € 4.2
Liefmans Fruitesse (Br. Liefmans - Oudenaarde) 0.5% 25cl € 3.2


Saison is the beer of the harvest. The golden drink quenched the thirst of dozens of seasonal workers (or saisonniers) in Hainaut. It was usually brewed with surplus grain from the farm. This almost forgotten beer style is characterized by a thirst-quenching nicely hopped or spiced character.

Saison Dupont (Br. Dupont - Tourpes) 6.5% 33cl € 3.0
Dust Isaak Nelson with Chardonnay must from Entre-Deux-Monts (Br. Dust - Meulebeke) 7% 33cl € 4.8

Blond - Strong blond

After lager, this is the most popular beer style of the Belgians. Very versatile you can discover blond beers from 6% to 8.5%. From tight and dry bitter such as Duvel and Arabier to round and beautifully fruity such as Papegaei and La Chouffe, something for everyone.

Anosteke Prestige (Br. Du Pays Flamand - Blaringhem) 8% 33cl € 5.5
Antiek Blond (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 8% 33cl € 3.5
Arabier (Bro. De Dolle Brouwers - Esen) 8% 33cl € 5.2
Bière des Amis (Bro. Des Légendes - Thimister) 5.8% 33cl € 5.8
Brugse Zot (Br. De Halve Maan - Bruges) 6% 33cl € 3.6
Duvel (Br. Moortgat - Breendonk) 8.5% 33cl € 4.0
Goedendag (Br. Troye - Marke) 8% 33cl € 3.5
La Chouffe (Br. D'Achouffe - Achouffe) 8% 33cl € 4.0
Omer (Br. Vander Ghinste - Bellegem) 8% 33cl € 4.0
Papegaei (Br. Deca - Woesten in collaboration with Verstraete Diksmuide) 8% 33cl € 4.5

Indian Pale Ale

Hops play the leading role in these beers. Their nose, taste and character are mainly determined by this ingredient. Depending on the hop variety, its origin and when it was added, the aromas and flavors will be very different. It really goes from a floral nose with a citrus accent in the Hopera to an intense scent of mandarin, passion fruit and grapefruit in the Viven Master IPA and Golden Tricky.

Lupulus Hopera (Br. Lupulus - Gouvy) 6% 33cl  € 4.5
Viven Master IPA (Br. Viven - Sijsele) 7% 33cl  € 4.5
Sir Grasshopper IPA (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 6.5% 33cl  € 4.5
Golden Tricky (Br. 'T Verzet - Anzegem) 7.5% 33cl  € 4.5

Tripel bieren

The first triple was brewed in 1934 by the Trappists of Westmalle. Many breweries followed in their footsteps. Tripel is traditionally a blond beer with a sweet fruity personality due to the yeast. Aromas of banana, peach, pear and apricot already meet you in the nose.

3 Monts Tripel (Br. De Saint Sylvestre - St. Sylvestre) 8.5% 33cl  € 4.0
Bon Vœux (Br. Dupont - Tourpes) 9.5% 37.5cl  € 5.5
Bux Tripel (Br. Biermaeker - Gullegem) 8.5% 33cl  € 4.5
Cornet (Br. De Hoorn - Steenuffel) 9.5% 33cl  € 4.5
Dulle Teve Tripel (Bro. De Dolle Brouwers - Esen) 10% 33cl  € 5.5
Kapittel Triple (Br. Leroy - Boezinge) 10% 33cl  € 4.0
Paix Dieu Triple (Br. Caulier - Tournai) 10% 33cl  € 5.0
Plukker Tripel (Bro. De Plukker - Poperinge) 7.5% 33cl  € 4.0
St. Bernardus Tripel (vat-fût) (Br. St. Bernardus - Watou) 8% 33cl  € 4.0


The name used to refer to "the heaviest beer of a brewer". It was not until the mid-19th century that more roasted malts began to be used, which give the beer its distinct coffee flavor and pitch-black color. Softly sweet like the Stout Leroy, nice coffee and chocolate bitter or powerful with intense roasted malt flavor like the imperial stout Dead Man's Hand and Vleteren Stout, stouts can differ greatly.

Stout Leroy (Br. Leroy Breweries - Boezinge) 5% 33cl € 2.5
Cuvée Delphine (Br. De Struise Brouwers - Vleteren) 13% 33cl € 9.0
Vleteren Stout (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 10% 33cl € 6.0

Old brown

The South-West Flemish sweet and sour red-brown beers are one of the oldest beer styles in the world. Thanks to spontaneous lactic acidification and long wood ripening, you get a delicious fresh sweet-sour beer in your glass with aromas of red fruit, caramel, dark balsamic vinegar and raisins. From the iconic Rodenbach to the wood-aged old brown creation of Brouwerij 't Verzet, each one worth discovering.

Rodenbach (Br. Rodenbach - Roeselare) 5.2% 25cl € 2.5
Rodenbach Grand Cru (Br. Rodenbach - Roeselare) 6% 33cl € 4.6
Ichtegems Grand Cru (Br. Strubbe - Ichtegem) 6.5% 33cl € 4.0
Duchesse de Bourgogne (Br. Verhaeghe - Vichte) 6.2% 25cl € 3.5
Oud Bruin (Br. 'T Verzet - Anzegem) 6% 33cl € 5.5


Our country is rich in delicious brown beers full of character. With this beers the malts will shape the flavors. Very round and full-bodied, you enjoy intense grain, caramel, chocolate and coffee aromas.

Bernardus Prior 8 (vat-fût) (Br. St. Bernardus - Watou) 8% 33cl € 4.0
St. Bernardus Abt 12 (Br. St. Bernardus –Watou) 10% 33cl € 4.5
Gulden Draak (Br. Van Steenberge - Ertvelde) 10.5% 33cl € 4.0
Kasteel Cuvée du Château (Br. Van Honsebrouck - Emelgem) 11% 33cl € 4.6
Vleteren Alt Bruin (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 8% 33cl € 4.0


Heavy blond or dark beers maturing for months to years in wooden barrels gives these beers more depth and complexity. The aromas of wood, vanilla, candy, chestnut, raisins immediately meet you in the nose. Depending on the casks (whiskey, rum, sherry or wine) you get different accents in these delicious beers.

Georges IV (Br. Deca - Woesten) 8% 33cl € 5.5
Den 12 (Br. 'T Gaverhopken - Waregem) 12% 33cl € 5.0
Vleteren Bruin 8 Port Barrel Aged (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 8% 33cl € 4.5
Vleteren Bruin 12 Whiskey Barrel Aged (Br. Deca - Woesten / Vleteren) 12% € 6.0

Trappist Beer

A Trappist beer is an abbey beer that is effectively brewed within the abbey walls by or under the supervision of the monks. In addition, all proceeds must be invested in the abbey or faith community of Trappists.

Hainaut: Notre Dame de Scourmont Abbey
Chimay Triple 8% 33cl € 4.5
Chimay Brown 9% 33cl € 5.0
Chimay Grand Reserve Oak 11% 37.5 € 19.5

Luxembourg: Notre-Dame d'Orval Abbey
Orval amber 6.2% 33cl € 5.0

Namur: Abbey Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy
Rochefort triple 8% 33cl € 4.5
Rochefort brown 8 9.2% 33cl € 4.5
Rochefort brown 10 11.3% 33cl € 6.1

Antwerp: Abbey of the Trappists of Westmalle - Malle
Westmalle Extra 5% 33cl € 3.5
Westmalle Tripel 9.5% 33cl € 4.5
Westmalle Dubbel 7% 33cl € 4.0

UNITED KINGDOM Mount Saint-Bernard Abbey - Leicestershire
Tynt Meadow brown 7.4% 33cl € 7.0

ITALY Tre Fontane Abbey - Rome
Tre Fontane blond 8.5% 33cl € 12.0

THE NETHERLANDS Koningshoeven Abbey - Berkel-Enschot
La Trappe White 5.5% 33cl € 3.0
La Trappe Isid’or 7.5% 33cl € 4.1
La Trappe Blond 6.5% 33cl € 3.6
La Trappe Tripel 8% 33cl € 4.5
La Trappe Quadrupel 10% 33cl € 5.0

Abbey Maria Toevlucht - Zundert
Zundert amber 8% 33cl € 6.0

AUSTRIA Engelszell Abbey - Engelhartzell
Gregorius Quadrupel 10.5% 33cl € 10.5

UNITED STATES Saint-Joseph Abbey - Spencer - Massachusetts
Spencer blond / blonde 6.5% 33cl € 7.5


Picon vin blanc  €6,0
Picon bière  €7,0
Aperitief maison  €6,0
Apéro Mont Rouge  €8,5
Apérol Spritz  €8,5
Gin Tonic Bombay  €8,5
Gin Tonic Bombay Bramble  €11,5
Gin Tonic Brokers  €11,0
Bacardi Cola wit - bruin  €8,0 – €9,0
Don Papa Rum cola  €11,0
Whisky Cola  €8,2
Cava glas - fles  €6,0 – €29,0
Wiscoutre glas - fles  €7,5 – €43,0
Champagne fles  €60,0
Campari Orange  €7,0
Pisang Orange  €7,0
Ricard  €6,0
Vodka rood Red Bull  €9,0
Kir – Kir Royal  €5,5 – €7,5
Martini wit of rood  €6,0
Muscat  €6,0
Pineau de Charentes €6,0
Porto rood kopke 10 years  €6,5
Sherry  €6,0

Alcohol free aperitifs

Bitter Sweet  €5,5
Peach-Tropical orange  €5,5
Elderberry Cocktail  €5,5
Taste like Mojito  €6,0
Gin Tonic Sir Chill 0,0%  €8,0

Cold Drinks

Coca cola / Cola Zero  €2,2
Fanta Orange  €2,2
Sprite  €2,2
Ice – Tea (bruisend)  €2,5
Tönisteiner Orange / Citroen  €2,5
Gini  €2,5
Nordic Tonic / Agrum  €2,5
Ananassap Minute Maid  €2,2
Appelsap Minute Maid  €2,2
Tomatensap Minute Maid  €2,2
Looza Ace  €2,2
Red Bull  €4,0
Koude chocomelk  €2,2
Plat water  €2,0
Bruisend water  €2,0
50 cl  plat – bruisend  €4,0
1l plat – bruisend  €7,0

Wine of the region

Rosé Wine

Monteberg - Rondo/Regent  €5,0  €9,9  €19,7  €29,5
Entre-Deux-Monts - Rosé Anaïs  €5,0  €9,9  €19,7  €29,5

White Wine

Entre-Deux-Monts - Quatre Cépage  €5,0  €9,8  €19,2  €28,5
Entre-Deux-Monts - Chardonnay  €5,8  €11,0  €21,8  €33,0
Monteberg - Kerner  €5,0  €9,9  €19,6  €29,5

Red Wine

Monteberg - Rondo/Regent  €5,7  €11,2  €22,0  €32,5
d'Hellekapelle - Pinot Noir  €-  €-  €-  €43,0

Wine of the House

Rood – Wit – Rosé (Plaimont - Gascogne – Frankrijk)
Glas / verre 3,8
Pichet 1/4l 7,5
Karaf / carafe 1/2l 14,5
Fles / Bouteille 19,0

Rosé Wine

Entre-Deux-Monts Rosé Anaïs............................................€29,5

Grape: Acolon
Region: Heuvelland

Pale pink color, distinct aromas of strawberry, raspberry, rose and red cherry. Very refreshing taste with aromas of strawberry, raspberry and hints of red plum. Accessible wine with a clean and crispy aftertaste. Ideal as an aperitif or on a terrace.

Monteberg Rondo/Regent...................................................€29,5

Grape: Rondo, Regent en Dronfelder
Region: Heuvelland

Light in color with Provence-like tones. We experience strawberries and cherries in the nose, a soft mouthfeel with a refreshing character. The wine can be perfectly served with a meat dish or cheese.

White Wine

Entre-Deux-monts – Quatre cépage...................................€28,5

Grape: Chardonnay, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris en Sieger
Region: Heuvelland

Pale yellow color, delicate aromas of lime, orange zest and notes of orange blossom on the nose. Fresh white wine with aromas of lime, green apple and lychee on the tongue. Exotic touch in the aftertaste. Pleasant and accessible to drink.


Entre-Deux-monts – Chardonnay.......................................€33,0

Grape: Chardonnay
Region: Heuvelland

Clean and quite aromatic on the nose, with aromas of riper stone fruit and citrus with a fine wood and floral touch. On the palate an elegant refined Chardonnay with spiciness and dried fruit, fine acidity with a wink to the cool climate. It is a gastronomic wine that can be widely used with fish dishes, white meat and poultry.

Monteberg – Kerner.............................................................€29,5

Grape: Kerner, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Muller Thurgau en Siegerrebe.
Region: Heuvelland

Ideal as an aperitif or starter. Slightly fruity white wine with notes of nutmeg.


Vouvray Domaine Aubert.....................................................€26,0

Grape: Chenin Blanc
Region: Loire

Dry wine, light, elegant and with a fine acidity.


Chablis Cave la Chablissienne.............................................€34,0

Grape: Chardonnay
Region: Bourgogne

Powerful, balanced wine. Fresh and mouth-filling, with the typical taste of vanilla and nuts.

Red Wine

Monteberg Rondo/Regent......................................................€32,5

Grape: Rondo, Regent en Dornfelder
Region: Heuvelland

Fairly intense in color with purplish hues. A pleasant lighter structure that perfectly mirrors the climate zone. Nose aromas of blackberries, cherries and almonds. A firm mouthfeel, peony rose and straw. This wine can be perfectly served with a roasted meat dish or with cheese.


D’ Hellekapelle Pinot Noir......................................................€43,0

Grape: Pinot noir
Region: Heuvelland

The nose charms with lots of red fruit and a light hint of white pepper. In the mouth we also find this red fruit, supplemented with beautiful slender acidity. This wine matured for one year in used French oak, which makes it a little more nobly balanced.

Château du Cèdre Héritage Cahors........................................€25,0

Grape: Malbec
Region: Zuid-West Frankrijk

This wine has a powerful taste, has a dark color with fleshy tannins.


Château Penin Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge Tradition................€26,0

Grape: Merlot
Region: Bordeaux

Harmonious, balanced round wine, with respect for the fruit, in short… an easy and elegant wine.


Château La Fleur Penin St-Emilion Grand Cru........................€58,0

Grape: Merlot en Cabernet
Region: Bordeaux

A wine rich on the nose, with nuances of ripe fruits and spices, balanced and harmonious on the palate, with a lot of spice.


Côtes du Rhône Domaine la Soumade Côtes du Rhône........€25,0

Grape: Syrah en Grenache
Region: Côte du Rhône

Powerful, yet supple spicy wine, with notes of black fruit and ripe cherry in the nose.


Cava 75cl 29,0
Wiscoutre – Entre-Deux-Monts 75cl 43,0
Champagne Jean Pernet Brut Tradition 75cl 60,0

Hot drinks

Espresso  €2,3
Mokka (kleine koffie)  €2,3
Deca  €2,3
Cappuccino met slagroom  €3,3
Latte Macchiato  €3,5
Warme chocolademelk  €3,0
Warme chocolademelk slagroom  €3,5
Latte Macchiato Speculoos  €4,0
Latte Macchiato Caramel  €4,0
Latte Macchiato Amaretto  €4,0
Latte Macchiato Vanille  €4,0
Thee  €2,3

Strong Coffees

Irish Coffee (Whisky)  €7,0
Italian Coffee (Amaretto)  €7,5
Hasseltse Coffee (Graanjenever)  €7,5
French Coffee  (Cognac)  €7,5
Norman Coffee (Calvados)  €8,0
Marnissimo (Grand Marnier)  €8,0
Russian Coffee (vodka)  €7,5
Baileys Coffee  €8,0

Indulge Coffee

Indulge coffee  €10,0
Indulge tea  €10,0
Indulge hot chocolate  €10,0


Grain genever  €5,0
Amaretto  €6,5
Baileys  €6,0
Calvados  €6,5
Cognac Biscuit  €6,5
Cointreau  €6,5
Grand Marnier  €8,0
Tomatin Highland Single malt (12 years)  €9,0
Whisky (William Lawson)  €6,0

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