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Bon appetit!


If necessary, ask for our allergen chart. We will be happy to help you. 

To ensure the smooth running of the kitchen, we ask that you limit the number of different dishes per table to a maximum of 5. Thank you for your understanding!

Monthly suggestion OCTOBER:
Hanger steak with salad and fries

Main courses

All dishes are served with fries and a salad.

Fish dishes

  • Scampi in homemade garlic butter (10pcs) €24,0
  • Homemade gratinated stew of fish €24,0
  • Smoked salmon with parsley and onions and toast €25,0


  • Shrimp croquettes (2pc – 3pc) €19,0 – €22,5
  • Cheese croquettes (2pc – 3pc) Veggie €17,0 – €19,5

Meat dishes

  • Steak Tartaar (raw – to be prepared yourself) €24,0
  • Beef carpaccio €24,0
  • Hellegatburger (sandwich with 2 burgers, bacon and cheese) €22,0
  • Pork shank with mustard sauce €23,0
  • Homemade chicken vol au vent €19,5
  • Pork cheeks ‘grandmothers way’ (bacon, mushrooms, onions €24,0
  • Beef tongue in madeira sauce €24,0
  • Flemish Rib eye Witblauw €28,0
  • Chateaubriand Witblauw €25,0
  • Mushroom cream sauce, pepper cream sauce, garlic butter or sauce with Roquefort cheese €3,0
Degree of doneness

Rare: seared, center warm but raw
Medium rare: center red, soft and juicy
Well rare: center pale pink, no blood
Well done: fully baked, no redness

Menu ’T HELLEGAT €48,0

Beef carpaccio
Smoked salmon with toast


Chateaubriand with salad and fries
Scampi’ in homemade garlic butter with salad and fries


Mascarpone mousse with red fruit
Irish coffee

Menu MONT ROUGE €42,0

Cheese croquette
Shrimp croquette


Pork cheeks ‘grandmothers way’ with salad and fries
Homemade gratinated stew of fish with salad and fries


Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
Irish coffee

Children under 12!!
  • Spaghetti bolognaise €9,0
  • Kidsburger (bun with burger) €13,0
  • Frikandel with fries (1pc – 2pc) €8,5 - €10,5
  • Vol au vent with fries €14,5
  • Shrimp croquettes with fries (1pc – 2pc) €12,5 – €15,5
  • Cheese croquettes with fries (1pc – 2pc) €10,5 – €13,0
  • Extra plate with cutlery €3,5
  • Salad of the house (shrimp croquette, smoked salmon and scampi) €25
  • Salade with warm goat cheese Veggie €20,5
  • Salad with scampi & bacon €24,0
  • Salad 3 croquettes (cheese, shrimp, ham) €25,0
  • Portion of raw vegetables €3,0
  • Portion fries €3,5
  • Portion croquettes €3,5
  • Spaghetti bolognaise au gratin €15,0
  • Homemade lasagne €18,0
  • Warm sandwich stuffed with vol-au-vent €17,0
  • Warm sandwich stuffed with beef tongue €20,0
  • Croque-monsieur with raw vegetables €13,5
  • Croque Boum Boum with raw vegetables €16,0
  • Croque ‘t Hellegat (Brie) with raw vegetables €16,0
  • Sandwich cheese with raw vegetables
    (cheese – Brie) Veggie €15,0
  • Sandwich mix with raw vegetables
    (cheese – ham – paté) €15,0


Beers in all flavors and styles, from fruity to spicy, from sweet to sour or bitter, from soft to sharp, that is what you will find on our beer menu. Proud of our region and West Flemish roots, the menu consists mainly beers from West Flanders and our region, supplemented with some toppers from other provinces.
This card was compiled with the help of beer sommelier Sofie Vanrafelghem.